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# 2: vehicle power adapter-Motorola micro USB charger fast rate

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259, 264 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars Genuine Motorola charger in retail packaging. 4.75-5.25V output 950mA, works with most USB telephones-micro as incredible, etc, June 11, 2010 there are so many vendors selling phone chargers sketched out there, who can be a little scary. The problem is that if the charger is poorly done, the output of the charger can be outside of specifications and can, in some cases, fry the phone that connects to it.

For this reason, when it comes to the phone charger, you must follow name brands. (Are all made in China, but the brand name are generally subject to stringent QA).

When I found this charger sold on Amazon from AMAZON, I jumped on it. It is a MICRO USB car charger for Motorola, made and sold under the name of Motorola, in retail packaging. The power rating is 4.75-5.25V and 950mA.

This charger should work fine with most any phone that uses the MICRO USB connector. The key number to pay attention to is the second, the amperage rating. This is the maximum amount of current that the phone can take the charger. A typical USB port on a PC as little as a few provide 100mA and provides more than 500mA. So this should charge the phone battery faster than when it is connected to a PC. Some phones can now use outside 1000mA. But that means you can use that amount. If 950mA is provided, it will still load, just a little slower.

Note that the amperage (second number) simply tells you what the charger can provide, if requested. The phone itself is responsible for the current request. I.e., if this charger can provide 950mA, but the phone can be used only 300mA--no problem. The handset prompts 300mA and charger provides all that is required. If, on the other hand, the mobile phone can use 1000mA, this charger will provide all that is possible, that is 950mA--less than max has asked for a little wee. Even this is not a problem; It simply means that the phone will charge a bit (not much) slower. Nominal voltage for this charger is presented in a range of 4.75-5. charcoal. The tension "ideal" for a USB charger of any kind if 5V. And most domestic chargers are rated right at 5V. But the charger is working in a noisy environment and so have the range. This is where a cheapo charger can really do damage, as some of them are poorly regulated and can provide the tensions that have the spec. Once again, when you can get a name brand charger from a seller you can trust (Amazon) for such a reasonable price, it is very foolish to not consider names cheapo.

This is a excellent quality brand micro USB car charger at a price that beats the Junk without name from third party vendors. What you don't like?

BE sure to order from AMAZON and not one of the third party vendors, as some of these have been known to make mistakes with regard to what they ship from the list. I can confirm that Amazon is shipping/89143N P513 Chargers, as shown.

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34 of 35 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Fast-charge the incredible by HTC, August 19, 2010 use my droid incredible as my primary car GPS Navigator, then I need a car charger that could keep pace with the demands of the power of Google Maps with GPS. Belkin USB adapter says puts out 1A, but my incredible has shown that only had a trickle charge (500 mA), because the loader Belkin does not implement the latest standard of USB charger (short data pins for a fast charge).

This charger is an AC charger on my incredible, and it is able to load my phone while I'm using for GPS navigation. Recommended for any latest phone that uses a micro-USB connector.

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36 of 39 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Works great with Motorola droid from Verizon, November 23, 2009 this loader is much better value than the charger surcharge Verizon sells for the droid. This is a standard micro USB port on the droid and this charger recharges the phone perfectly. Watch beautiful blue light, very well done, professional, excellent price. help other customers find the most useful reviews This review was helpful?
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