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# 4: OtterBox Defender case for iPhone 3 G, 3 G S

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93 of 93 people found the following review helpful: 4.0 out of 5 stars Great homes! Screen cover traps air bubbles, but i've found the fix ..., March 9, 2010 This is a great case. This is the second one i have ordered (just like the yellow accent). Very rugged. You can rest easy handling your investment as long as it's in this thing. I have dropped mine onto asphalt too many times to count, and no problems with the phone at all. I must admit, when I first got the iphone into the houses, I noticed that the screen protector adheres to the face of the iphone giving it an oily appearance. This is the most common complaint about this particular case, but I have found the fix for this. Baby powder. I know this sounds crazy, but it works flawlessly. There is a really good video on youtube on how to apply it. This completely fixes the problem. Because of this little fix, I now give this product 5 stars. Contrary to some ?sustainability reports, this case IS NOT waterproof. However, It does a darn good job protecting it from splashes, light rain, dust, etc. If you are looking for extreme protection, look no further.

How to Applying Baby Powder [...]

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32 of 33 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Defense for the Greatest Phone, January 20, 2010 If you own or are planning to buy an iPhone, then you MUST have some sort of protection for your long term investment in this handheld device.

The otterbox does not advertise waterproofing the phone, but it does a pretty good job. The primary effect of the otterbox defender is to protect it from short falls to the ground. The FIRST day I had my otterbox on my phone, i slipped, and the phone when flying across the pavement and into the street. After picking it up, (along wiht my ego) i found that the skin wasn't even scratched or marked up, and the phone acted like nothing had happened (much like I did ...).
Also, my dogs were fighting in my living room one day and knocked over a glass of water onto my poor Iphone in this skin ... To my surprise, after shaking off the water and removing the skin, the phone itself was completely dry and unharmed ... Let houses and skin dry and re-installed it immediately.

This product contains two basic elements (though its advertised as three, its not ...)

1: Hardcover plastic shell containers
2: Silicone sealing skin.

The hardcover yellow plastic shell snaps onto the phone and requires a tool of sopme sort (or good fingernails and strong hands) to remove.
The black silicone cover is very surable, but attracts lint often and ends up being a grayinsh color if you keep the phone in your pockets (which is why i got the case to begin wiht, so spare change and keys wont kill my phone.
The hardcover has two intersting elements that are noteworthy.
First: Its solution for sticky and annoying screen protectors is an off-the-surface firm, plastic film that is on the otterbox hardcover ... This film allows finger tip hat to pass thru en fery effectively and keeps most lint and dust out of the phone.
Second: It has a carrying no screw attatchment which that snaps onto the phone (or that the phone snaps into, depending on your perspective). It can accept the phone from either facing (screen out or in) but it only really secures itself on with a snap if the screen is facing inward (towards the belt-clip) as you can imagine, it has a rotating belt clip with safety hook on the inside of the clip-parts so it wont slip off whatever strap or belt you hook it on.

At the end of the day, this cover case skin is the best, first, and last line fo defense for your iPhone, and if you plan on getting a phone, have this baby ready to go on it BEFORE you leave the dealer with phone in tow.

If i could rate this any higher, i would, but 5/5 stars will do ... I honestly rate it 5/5 stars ... its just that good. (Also, you should note, this retails for nearly $ 50-$ 65 USD depending on where you go.)

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17 of 20 people found the following review helpful: 1.0 out of 5 stars Good Homes, Bad Holster, July 23, 2010 I've been using this case for 8 months now. As a clumsy guy, I originally fell in love with this case because I could clip it to my belt or pocket, and if I accidentally dropped the phone while adding or removing it from the holster, it was still protected.

The first immediate issue with the were the bubbles under the screen protector. The iPhone still responded ok to my touch, but it was unsightly. I applied to cheap anti-glare film to the screen and put the phone back in its case. The cheap movies dulled the display, and I still had the bubbles. After doing some research online, I sprayed some Goo Gone on the outside edges of the screen protector and let it sit for a few minutes. This loosed as the adhesive and the clear plastic came right off. I purchased a Power Support Crystal film screen protector from my local Apple store and applied it to protect the screen. The crystal film doesn't dull the display at all, and has protected the screen all this time.

The next issue was that only the OEM iPhone connector cable works through this case. Forget about docking your iPhone unless you want to take it out of the houses all the time. I like carrying around retractable cables in my backpack, and I had to modify one (cut away some of the plastic) to get it to work with the case.

The case does a good job of protecting my phone and it is a good thing because it is always falling out of the holster. The holster really needs some sort of clips on top. I've lost count how many times the phone has fallen out on the pavement as I was getting in or out of my car. Once I lost it in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Thankfully, no one had swiped it before I retraced my steps and found it again. I became obsessed checking if my phone is still in the holster. I've started putting slipping the phone in my pocket and clip the holster to the outside. Unfortunately, this has caused the rubber on the back of the case to stretch out. I'm also afraid one of these days, I'm going to bend over and break my iPhone in half or loose change or car keys will ruin the screen after it pops out of the holster in my pocket ... which it still does.

With my previous phones, I've had no issues with the cheap cases and holsters I've purchased from a certain popular online auction site. I am so disappointed I paid a relative fortune for this case, had to remove the built-in screen protector, buy a replacement screen protector, hack a cable, and am constantly worrying I'm going to lose my phone because of the bad design of the holster. Clearly, I did not get my money's worth.

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